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Nik Andish Ro Co

Nik Andish Ro Co. Insurance Services as an agent of Asia Insurance  , officially  initiated its start up in Insurance Industry in 2002.This company is attentively promoting new choices to meet insurers requirements and provide them in full satisfaction by disciplined & organized consulting services as well as setting specialized  insurances .This prosperity owes to   Nik Andish Ro`s active presence among Domestic and International Economic Activists and  together with its Grade A.

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Asia insurance

• Established in 1959
• The Biggest Private Insurance Co
• The Second Biggest Insurance Co in whole country of Iran
• Promoting a wide range of Insurance Products & Services


Unit 3 , 9th floor , No.265 , Pam Tower ,West Zafar St., Nelson mandela Blvd (Africa ) . Tehran ,Iran
(+9821) 88209951-3 , (+9821)88870206-7
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Nik Andish Ro Co, on behalf of Asia Insurance , officially initiated it`s start up in insurance industry in 2002 .
This company attentively promoting new choices to meet insurance requirements and provide them in full satisfaction .
 We do have this experience to provide insurance for Mother Industries , Civil & construction Projects & contracts , and petroleum & petrochemical sectors .

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